Jiangsu Chianaref refractory Co., Ltd is one of the Jiangsu Zomglobe Group, a private high-tech joint-stock company, founded in 2010, One hundred million yuan of registered capital, with annual sales of over 1.5 billion yuan in 2011.[MORE]

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  • Carbon Free Deoxidizer

  • Iron Coating Calcium Rod

  • EAF Lining Protecting Slag

  • Non-Refining Slag

  • Recombination Deoxidizer

  • Composite Dephosphorizer

  • Composite Desulphurizer

  • Mould Powder

  • Synthesized Slag for LF

  • Molten Steel Cover

  • Dry Ramming Mixes and Repairing Mixes for MF Induc

  • Preshaping for Copper Runner and Flash Furnace

  • ZrO2 Refractoy Mortar

  • ZrO2 Ramming Mixes and Sealing Mixes

  • ZrO2 Bricks

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